'Plastic-Free July' and our plastic footprint

by Jo Saxton June 30, 2020

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 The 'PLASTIC-FREE JULY' movement is an opportunity to make a positive change not only to our own life, but to the lives of everyone on the planet – plant, animal and human. That’s a huge, beautiful thing to do, right? The movement is global, encouraging millions of people every year to reduce their plastic pollution. There are lots of handy tips and helpful information on the web if you’re interested in getting involved. The good thing is that anyone can do it and you can just start out small if you’re at the beginning of your plastic-free journey.

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When we launched our business in March 2020, one of our clear objectives was to be plastic-free from the outset and to remain that way. All our products and suppliers were specifically chosen because they contain no single-use plastic and use recycled materials and vegetable inks where appropriate or possible. It was tough, and we had to reject some despite really loving their products, but it wasn’t something we were willing to budge on. By not selling plastic in our products in the first place, we knew that we weren’t contributing to either ours or our customers’ plastic footprint.

Ginger Mint's logo sticker on a re-used padded envelope stating it has been re-used and recycled

What are we doing differently?

  • All our skincare products are in glass jars with metal lids. No plastic bottles! 
  • We only stock soap and shampoo bars in paper packaging. Our bamboo soap bags are handy for helping people make the switch from plastic bottles.
  • Our herbal tea is loosely packed in paper bags and our stationery is simply-packaged with paper belly bands and no plastic wrapping.
  • We re-use and recycle all packaging from our external suppliers so don’t be surprised to find plastic, old cardboard and used jiffy bags as packaging for your orders! No waste!
  • Our orders are wrapped in tissue paper which can be re-used or re-gifted to others. We use a peelable sticker to secure the package, which is easily removed without tearing the tissue paper. Simple and effective.
  • We also offer eco-friendly cotton gift bags and encourage our customers to re-use them or to re-gift them to others. 
There is always room for improvement, isn't there, and we're certainly not perfect at all, but we feel we’ve made a good start to reducing our plastic footprint.

    Customer orders wrapped in grey tissue paper and with a Ginger Mint reelable sticker to secure

    We'd love to know what changes you're making so please tag us on your social media posts and we'll share your progress.

    Take care and stay safe.



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    Jo Saxton
    Jo Saxton


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