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About us

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About Jo

Hi, I’m Jo, the owner and founder of Ginger Mint. I live in the beautiful New Forest with my partner, our son and a fun-loving whippet. My love affair with plants started with my wonderful parents who introduced me to plants, gardening and nature from a very early age. I then went on to study plant biology at university. I’m an inquisitive soul and so I continued as a researcher to learn more about plants. (I’m currently studying medicinal herbs and herbalism in general so I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in the future.)

I grow a lot of organic plants and herbs as I love to cook vegetarian and vegan food for my family, and our whippet loves them too. I use herbs for flavour and vitamins, but also for their medicinal benefits. I’m a great believer in plants for healing and it’s the family joke that I’ll have a herbal balm, a tea or a sprinkling of fresh herbs for whatever ailment they may have!

Ginger Mint

A few years ago, our young son became chronically ill with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or CFS/ME and Lyme disease. Complications included: electrical sensitivity (including Wi-Fi and electronic gadgets); severe and extensive allergies to foods, additives, preservatives, environmental factors such as dust, diesel, petrol and plastics; and sensitivities to perfumes, pesticides, essential oils, etc. Look up ‘multiple chemical sensitivities’ – it’s horrendous! I've written a blog post about it if you'd like to know more: 'Living clean in a toxic world'.

It is because of this whole journey and my love of plants that I created Ginger Mint in March 2020. It encapsulates everything I now understand about the toxic world in which we live in, and how to maintain a healthy mind and body. It also indulges my love of design and crafts which stem from a creative upbringing and influences from my 'crafty' mother and grandmothers.

Ginger Mint helps you to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle, offering products and gifts which are cruelty-free, organic (where possible), plastic-free and inspired by plants and flowers.

We’re totally committed to keeping plastics and packaging to a minimum. We re-use all our packaging from external suppliers so don’t be surprised to find plastic, old cardboard and used jiffy bags as packaging for your orders!

Since we launched in March 2020, we've won a few awards!

Ginger Mint's #SBS Award from Theo Paphitis      Ginger Mint's #WOW Award from Jacqueline Gold, the CEO of Ann Summer       Ginger Mint's Plastic Free Chamption Award from Surfers Against Sewage       Ginger Mint's Queen Of Eco-Friendly Gifts award

Our suppliers

We have carefully-selected our independent suppliers to those who share our core values  – eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and as mad about plants as we are! We work with over 20 British small businesses, including herb farmers, small-scale producers and creative makers, to bring you our unique collection of plant-based treats.

Our herb growers and producers are passionate about their products, and farm as ecologically as possible and without chemicals. Our talented makers have been inspired by plants to create their beautiful work, all lovingly crafted by hand here in the UK. Where possible, our products contain organic ingredients. We are free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS, phthalates, palm oil, fillers and artificial fragrance. 

If you'd like to be one of our suppliers and join us on our journey, we'd love to hear from you:

Take care and stay safe!



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