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Body butter

An award-winning, multi-purpose body butter bursting with natural emollients, vitamins and antioxidants that fight the root causes of skin ageing. Contains organic shea butter, coconut and avocado, along with essential oils of clary sage, geranium and calendula flower extract.
The blend of essential oils not only smells divine, but balances sebum and promotes good circulation helping skin function correctly. Calendula extract penetrates deep into the dermis promoting collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid cell regeneration and speed healing of any minor inflammations. Repairs damage and maintains skin health for long-term benefits. It does NOT contain a sunscreen. However it does contain tropical oils with a high antioxidant content, which boosts you skin's natural sun protection systems, thereby limiting the sun's ageing effect. Use sparingly. Absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue.
100% natural. Cruelty-free. Vegetarian. Vegan. 120ml

Coconut oil**, raw shea butter**, avocado oil**, sweet almond oil, natural vitamin E oil – gluten-free, pourable benzoin resin. Geranium essential oil, clary sage essential oil, calendula flower extract.
Note: the essential oils contain: citral, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, limonene, linolool.
**Organic/wild harvest; 96% organic/wild harvest.

Made by Lyonsleaf Republic of Natural Skincare