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'Energise' herbal tea

An award-winning rich, coffee-alternative infusion designed to boost your energy levels.
– Dandelion root contains powerful antioxidants and helps the digestive system.
– Carob pods are packed with antioxidants and make a perfect alternative to chocolate.
– Stimulating Guarana seeds boost energy levels, mental alertness and are a source of antioxidants.
– Yerba Mate supports mental function and provides smooth, prolonged increase in energy levels.
Caution: Avoid excessive intake, and avoid if pregnant.

100% natural, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients and contains no artifical preservatives, colourings or flavourings. Contains caffeine.
Cruelty-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Available in two sizes: 90g (makes approx. 20 cups) and 3 cup sample

Taraxacum officinale, Paullina cupana, Ceratonia siliqua, Ilex paraguareiensis